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"Spanish and French Potatoes"

The Company

Since its creation in 1987, AGROMAR HISPANA, S.A. has been selling seed and table potatoes.

At the present time, the company’s activity centres primarily on distributing seed potatoes, exporting Spanish New Potatoes and importing potatoes and onions mainly from France.

We sell to wholesalers, packers and import companies across the whole of Europe.

In 2009 the company joined the INTERSUR GROUP based in Seville. INTERSUR is the leading producer and marketer of SPANISH NEW POTATOES and one of the largest distributors of SEED POTATOES.

INTERSUR GROUP comprises a number of Spanish companies active in the potato sector. The Group operates as a single company in various business areas, sharing resources and making optimum use of synergies. INTERSUR Group is a robust entrepreneurial collective that produces, sells, imports and exports more than 120,000 tonnes per year of seed potatoes, new potatoes, keeping potatoes and industrial potatoes.

The subsidiary AGROMAR FRANCE was created in 2012, with its main office in 59660 MERVILLE (France).